Bangkok II (continue)

Day 2 : Hotel de Bangkok->Siam Square->Temple visit->Siam Paragon->Siam Ocean World->BanKhunMae.

Siam Square

This is at Siam Square Station Road side snack

You will see alot of small stores around the street.. one of the MUST EAT food is this! MUST EAT

Sweet & Delicious ~ MUST EAT!MANGO time!Mango is most famous in bangkok.. We did try some ^^ some is sour !!! @@

IMG_0017_副本 IMG_0050_副本 IMG_0061_副本 IMG_9770_副本 IMG_9775_副本 IMG_9780_副本

One of your most MUST go itinerary is their temple.. not too much. just pick one will do ^^

You will be wondering how they make it and most of the temple is the same :)


Food Hall is one of the place or food you may explore.. as there is lot of local food .. IMG_0101_副本 IMG_0108_副本 IMG_0115_副本 IMG_0121_副本 IMG_0250_副本 IMG_0268_副本 IMG_0364_副本 IMG_0695_副本 IMG_0753_副本 IMG_0757_副本 IMG_0783_副本 IMG_0858_副本 IMG_0914_副本

The night view of Bangkok :) its just so CITY feel..

IMG_0926_副本 IMG_0936_副本 IMG_0943_副本 IMG_0953_副本 IMG_0956_副本 IMG_0962_副本We went BanKhunMae for our dinner.. ^^ nice food there..

I search thru online that this restaurant serve the very authentic kind of local Thai food.

However, the price is slightly high as the environment is very different.. ^^

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2013 New life New Job

Its hard to make such decision to leave such good company.

But somehow, life still need to go on and hunting for a better life.

We have some how make a lot of changes now.

My bf opened his new workshop.

Officially have his own business started.

Its been planned last few years till last year we really make our own foot down and decided to open own shop this year April.

After Chinese New Year we started to look for a location and price for our new shop.

We decided to open at Bachang Giant.

Shop opening


Now this month is my time to change my job ^^

Got an offer from Country Villas Resort Sdn Bhd

Officially jobless now ! hahaha..

Bangkok Itinerary 26.11.2012-30.11.2012

Day 1 : KLCC->Suvarnabhumi->Hotel de Bangkok->Siam Square->Siam Paragon->Paragon Cineplex.

Day 2 : Hotel de Bangkok->Siam Square->Temple visit->Siam Paragon->Siam Ocean World->BanKhunMae.

Day 3 : Hotel de Bangkok->Shopping around the malls->Asiatique->Calypso Cabaret.

Day 4 : Damnoen Saduak floating market->Elephant jungle->Crepe&Co->Baiyoke Sky Restaurant

Day 5 : Naraya Shopping before off to flight.

Day 1

Took Malaysia Airline as the time when i book is cheaper :) two person just cost us RM1100. 

Flying off to Bangkok )

Took express Airport link to hotel 
Hotel de Bangkok
bought from Groupon Voucher

Since the first day to Bangkok.
We going to walk around Siam Station (Siam Square)
Dinner at SOMTAM @ Siam Square Soi 5
 highly recommended for dinner here! :)

 Mango Tango @ Siam Square Soi 5

Sticky Rice Mango and Mango Pudding Ice .. super delicious.. if you really want to try Mango Sticky Rice. this is the shop highly recommended. 

 Siam Paragon 

*take note: Their movie time is always need 45 minutes to start as they have 45 minutes of advertisement. Please beware, they will have their independent song while advertisement. stand straight pay respect :) 

iphotographycourse-by Groupon

Recently bought a voucher from Groupon.

After few consideration,

I still decided to buy this voucher for my photography learning.

I bought this as I wanted to know more on how i use my Canon 60D.  :) 

[88% Off] Lifetime Unlimited Access to 18-Module Online Photography Course for 1 Person for RM245 instead of RM1,995. Course Tutor and Certification Provided

Learning how to edit your photo after taking the photo too!

I always wanted to learn how to edit photo by using Adobe Photoshop.

I tried the first module.

Here is  my result! ^^

akakaka… but now from 1st Module,

I know what and how to control the aperture, light, shutter speed and so on.

Knowing what kind of cameras that suite me.

Canon 60D suites me lot.

As it is middle range of camera.

Plus I bought 18-135mm lens as kit lens because it is better to control your shot.

Instead of buying few types of lens,

Just buy one lens which you could take control of your photos range by 18mm till 135mm :)