Bangkok II (continue)

Day 2 : Hotel de Bangkok->Siam Square->Temple visit->Siam Paragon->Siam Ocean World->BanKhunMae.

Siam Square

This is at Siam Square Station Road side snack

You will see alot of small stores around the street.. one of the MUST EAT food is this! MUST EAT

Sweet & Delicious ~ MUST EAT!MANGO time!Mango is most famous in bangkok.. We did try some ^^ some is sour !!! @@

IMG_0017_副本 IMG_0050_副本 IMG_0061_副本 IMG_9770_副本 IMG_9775_副本 IMG_9780_副本

One of your most MUST go itinerary is their temple.. not too much. just pick one will do ^^

You will be wondering how they make it and most of the temple is the same 🙂


Food Hall is one of the place or food you may explore.. as there is lot of local food .. IMG_0101_副本 IMG_0108_副本 IMG_0115_副本 IMG_0121_副本 IMG_0250_副本 IMG_0268_副本 IMG_0364_副本 IMG_0695_副本 IMG_0753_副本 IMG_0757_副本 IMG_0783_副本 IMG_0858_副本 IMG_0914_副本

The night view of Bangkok 🙂 its just so CITY feel..

IMG_0926_副本 IMG_0936_副本 IMG_0943_副本 IMG_0953_副本 IMG_0956_副本 IMG_0962_副本We went BanKhunMae for our dinner.. ^^ nice food there..

I search thru online that this restaurant serve the very authentic kind of local Thai food.

However, the price is slightly high as the environment is very different.. ^^


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